Wed 5 Apr 2023 Delft, Netherlands

The city of Delft is located about halfway between The Hague (Den Haag) and Rotterdam, and usually is easy to reach by public transport.

WARNING: Train travel has been badly disrupted by a derailment near Leiden!

See https://www.ns.nl/en for current information.


08:45 is the peak time for many of TU Delft’s 27,000 students to arrive on campus! Please allow for potential delays, and aim to arrive early.

The buses and roads are likely to be congested, and parking on campus may be full. There can even be a tailback on the main bike path from the station…

Refreshments will be available at the venue.

Delft has two train stations:

  • The main one, Delft (“Delft Station” on travel planners) has frequent Intercity (IC) connections from Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, and other Dutch cities.
  • The smaller Delft Campus station has only Sprinter connections – Intercity trains do not stop there.

You can reach Rotterdam and Amsterdam by high-speed trains from:

  • Germany and Switzerland (ICE International via Utrecht),
  • Belgium and France (Thalys),
  • England (Eurostar).

The closest airports to Delft are Schiphol Airport (AMS) and Rotterdam-The Hague Airport (RTM).

  • Schiphol Airport has train connections to Delft (usually every 15 minutes, and taking about 40 minutes). Some connections are direct; for others you need to change at Leiden.
  • Rotterdam-The Hague Airport has bus connections to Rotterdam. The frequent train connections from Rotterdam Centraal to Delft take about 15 minutes.

To determine your route and travel time to (or in) Delft you can use 9292.

For information about car parking, see the Contact and Accessibility section on the TU Delft website.

In Delft

The main bus and tram station in Delft is next to Delft train station.

Bus routes 40, 69, and 174 go from the station directly to the venue. The bus stop to get off at is Delft, Berlageweg.  The ride takes about 10 minutes.

Walking to the venue from the main Delft station takes about 30 minutes (2.5 km), and from Delft Campus train station about 15 minutes (1.3 km).

Train and bus tickets

Contactless card or mobile phone

NEW! You may now be able to check in and out using your mobile phone, credit card, or contactless Dutch debit card. That is already possible for all NS trains (for travel in 2nd class). The same goes for most bus and tram companies. See the OVpay website for further details. You can view your trips in an OVpay app.


You can also use an anonymous OV-chipcard to travel by all forms of public transport in The Netherlands. This is a blue-coloured card with no personal details on it, and can therefore be used by anyone (but not for group travel). You can buy an OV-chipcard at the train station at an NS (Dutch Railways) ticketing machine or NS service desk. It can also be bought at large supermarkets (Albert Heijn, Jumbo) or tobacco shops (Primera, Readshop, Bruna). The price is €7.50. It remains valid for 5 years.

The OV-chipcard gives you access to travel in 2nd class. You need a balance of at least €20 to travel by train. You can charge credit on your OV-chipcard at the ticket machines at the train stations and tobacco shops. Once credit has been charged onto your card, you can check in at the designated posts or turnstiles, which are usually located close to or on the platform. Don’t forget to check out when you leave any form of public transport!

Paper tickets

In trams and buses you can also buy a paper day-ticket or a single-use, disposable chipcard instead of an anonymous OV-chipcard. For metros you can buy a ticket at the ticket machines near the platform or metro station.

Note: Most ticket machines do not accept cash, nor do buses and trams.